The Art Bag

Oddi has now available multipurpose, organic tote bags with three different prints made by the artist Gabríela Friðriksdóttir. The project is called "The Art Bag" and is a collaboration between activist Disa Anderiman and Gabríela. The Art Bag is long lasting, strong and durable. It's great for a trip to the store, the swimming pool and everyday carrying needs. The bag is available in Oddi in Fossháls in Reykjavík (behind Ölgerðin). The bags are also available in Gloría, Spaksmannsspjarir, Jör, 38 þrep, Aftur and in art museums. The goal is to have the bags available in book and art stores soon.  Available for 3200 krónur.


We've received many inquiries regarding alternatives to plastic bags. Rekstrarvorur is for instance offering the so-called Bio-bags that are completely eco-friendly. Below is their current comparative price list (please note these prices are subject to change).


43 x 44 cm - 10 Liters - 25 pcs - 673 kr. stk; 27 kr. per bag 
50 x 58 cm - 30 Liters - 14 pcs - 493 kr. stk; 35 kr. per bag
60 x 74 cm -  40 pcs - 2198 kr.; 55 kr. per bag
70 x 90 cm -  20 pcs - 2098 kr.; 105 kr. per bag
Hund-pu-poki 40 stk - 498 kr; 12 kr. per bag


Also available 41 x 51, 25 pcs. for 747 kronur or 30 kronur pcs. They offer paper bags as well.


Cornstarch bag

We also recommend the Maíspokinn (Cornstarch bag) which is a an Icelandic product and is a co-production of the Íslenska Gámafélagið and Plastprent. Maíspokinn is made out of cornstarch and is 100% biodegradable. The bags are available in Netto, Samkaup, Kaskó and Bonus. If you can't find them in your store, please ask the store manager to make them available.


The bank of ideas

There are so many organic and interesting ways to improve the environment. Below you'll find ideas from different places; for instance beautiful and organic shopping bags, fun ideas from Solheimar regarding how to recycle different kind of waste and finally how stores in Germany offer their client three shopping bag options so people have other alternatives than plastic bags. Without a doubt a great idea for Icelandic stores. Please let us know if you have some smart and organic ideas we can include here. Please send us an e-mail at


Cool homemade shopping bag
Cool homemade shopping bag

For those of you who enjoy sewing, here is a fun shopping bag pattern from Inga Auðbjörg. She found this idea on the web, translated it, took her own photographs and posted it on the Scout website.


Click here for the instructions!



From Solla Eiríks
From Solla Eiríks
Stylish vest and a shopping bag
Stylish vest and a shopping bag

How can Icelandic stores make a difference?

We encourage all Icelandic stores to stop using plastic bags on Saturdays and offer re-usable bags. We also found out that Walmart stores in the US are offering to recycle clean plastic bags from any store. We think this is a great idea, and we encourage Icelandic stores to follow their example.


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